Sediment and microbial growth can lead to nitrification and the formation of trihalomethane (THM) in your tank. Sediment can be removed with the tank in or out of service. It may be necessary to drain and clean the tank, scrub all internal surfaces, disinfect the tank (and any pumps, hoses etc.) with a concentrated chlorine solution and then thoroughly flush the tank. The last thing you want is a complaint from a customer, a fine, or worst of all, a health scare. Southeastern Tank can perform all the necessary steps to clean and treat your tank so that the water quality remains in compliance with national standards.

Depending on your system, we may be able to reduce THMs by mixing the tank and recirculating the water only. It may necessary to go to the next level of installing an actual THM removal system at the tank. A good THM removal system does things:

  • It treats the entire tank volume
  • It treats the entire incoming volume during fill cycle

Learn more about the GridBee® THM Removal System in the video below: