Design & Estimates

No matter what stage of the design process you’re in, our topmost priority is to make sure you end up with a tank that is right for your unique needs and fits your budget. And it starts with smart, thoughtful design.

Have designs already drawn up? We’ll work with you to make sure they’re the best possible plans for your project.

Starting from square one? We can work with you to design a tank plan that meets all the necessary standards, including:

  • The International Building Code (IBC)
  • American Water Works Association (AWWA)
  • American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
  • American Concrete Institute (ACI)

Design at a Glance

Your tank design, such as its height, diameter, and the materials it is made from will depend on numerous factors. By answering these three questions, we can begin the process of designing a tank that works for you.

  1. What will you store? Potable water, industrial wastewater, landfill leachate, fire protection water, municipal wastewater, or other liquids? This is always the starting point to determine the tank design that will best suit your needs.
  2. How much do you need to store? The necessary capacity for your tank will dictate its overall size and therefore can influence factors such as the materials, foundation, and length of the construction.
  3. Where will your tank be located? It’s vital to take your location into account when quoting and designing your tank. For instance, your seismic zone, average wind speed, and other factors will all affect the design to ensure that your tank can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way.

Every project has a budget and a goal. Maybe long-term usability and exceptional quality is your top priority. Or perhaps you’re looking to meet short-term budget constraints. We’ll work with you to design a tank that’s right for you.

Let’s get down to dollars and cents.

With our quick quoting process, you can get an estimate in minutes.