Total Dynamic Storage

Don’t buy elevated debt. Buy an expandable solution.

Total Dynamic Storage is a solution that helps ensure a reliable supply of water from your water system. It optimizes water flow and storage to meet changing daily water system demands and provide constant water pressure.

Total Dynamic Storage uses:

  • A low-maintenance, expandable ground storage tank
  • Clay-Greene booster pump stations and VFDs for efficient pressurization and distribution
  • Instrumentation and controls to meet the daily and peak water demands of your system while also providing constant pressure

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  • Optimized water storage and flow
  • Expandability with no additional footprint needed
  • Utilizes sound engineering principles
  • Adaptive to system needs in flexibility in operations
  • Improvement in Water Quality (Quick Tank Turnover)
  • Low maintenance
  • Treatment options easily achieved
  • Economical
  • All components sold and serviced from a single source
  • A total dynamic solution

Total Dynamic Storage systems are used by:

  • Municipalities
  • Water Utilities
  • Industrial

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